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    Our own special recipe
    The ingredients may sound familiar. Parks. Trails. Swimming pool. Fun gathering places. But it’s how we’re putting it all together that makes Tavolo Park so tasty.
    Welcome to the naturehood
    All of us need more nature in our lives. That’s why Tavolo Park lets you hit the trail and walk beside beautiful native plantings and stretches of wild meadow. Instead of the typical play equipment, there are rocks to scramble over. Swings and balance beams made of logs. Even a slide built into the slope of a little hill. It’s all about giving everybody a little nature every day.
    An extra-large helping of fun
    Tavolo is Italian for table. And in Tavolo Park, the Big Table is the heart of the neighborhood. It’s a place to swim, play bocce ball, relax in the poolside cabanas, play tag on the lawn or gather round the communal table. At the Big Table we’re serving up good times by the bushel.
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    A small lake (and a big one)
    Tavolo Park’s town lake is a peaceful, lovely place to bring your lunch, sit under the pavilion and look out to the water. Want the full lake experience with fishing, boating and wakeboarding? Benbrook Lake is just five minutes away.
    Walk to work
    In Tavolo Park, it may be possible. The north side of the community along Altamesa will include a handful of neighborhood-scale office buildings, the first of which is scheduled to open soon, The plan for this part of Tavolo Park also includes space for dining and services. So maybe you’ll be walking to work … and to lunch.